Sunday, March 13, 2016

Political Rant

I've been ignoring this for a while but tonight I've just had it and must say something!  I am sick and tired of all the ignorant-ass comments blaming our President for everything from the economic crash that happened before he took office, to ISIS (which even Mr. Trump admits is a consequence of our ill-advised war in Iraq that was begun by the previous President), to the crab grass in your lawn.  Until today I brushed it off as a few uneducated redneck mother-fuckers that didn't deserve any serious attention, and/or mentally handicapped who need our compassion.  However, I now realize there are many more people holding these views, which is how Mr. Trump has become so popular.  It's not just the lunatic "fringe."  As Frank Schaeffer says in the video I posted earlier, "The lunatics have taken over the asylum." 

In a discussion on Mr. Schaeffer’s video, somebody said that we need to get the word out, but be sure to remain polite and civil and listen to the other person’s opinions, so as not to hurt anybody’s feelings, etc.  Up until now, on the occasions that I’ve said anything about it, I have done exactly that.  But, I’m over it now.  No more Mrs. Nice Guy.  I have fucking had it.

The last straw was earlier today when I commented in a thoughtful political discussion posted by one of my friends about “personalities versus policies.”  I said, "I have an issue with Mr. Trump saying 'I will make America great again!' because we are great.  We are the greatest nation on earth."  To which someone replied, "No, we are not great.  This country won't be great again until we get rid of the current president."  Another person said, "Yeah, name even one good thing Obama has done for this country."  Really?!  Yes, I know my Democrat friends have compiled quite a list which includes shaving $1 trillion off the federal deficit, but on a more personal note, “Obamacare” saved my husband's life by paying for surgery that he couldn't otherwise obtain.  That counts for something, doesn't it?  

But, what really pissed me off was this ignorant son of a bitch insulting my country - that my father and other military veterans risked their lives defending! - because he happens to not like the President for being half-black, or a Democrat, or going ahead and doing things for the country like making sure our military personnel got paid, and bombing the hell out of ISIS, while Congress sulked and threw temper tantrums, or whatever.  I think he’s done a damn good job under the circumstances, especially considering that Congress fought him every step of the way.

Look, I'm not just saying this because Barry Obama was my classmate at Punahou School in Hawaii (where he was born) and a very nice guy.  I'm not even a Democrat, for that matter.  The voter card in my wallet says "Libertarian," which I've been ashamed to admit ever since the fucking Tea Party corrupted that term into something totally different than what it was when I joined the movement as a 14-year-old kid in Hawaii, back before corporations were "persons" with more rights than actual persons.  Truth be told, I'm an anarcho-socialist (yes, the scary “A” word), but that wasn't one of the options when I registered to vote.  More recently I actually supported Gary Johnson, the only candidate of any party that made personal liberty for actual persons, and ending crony capitalism, the priority of his campaign.  I also like Gary because although he’s a millionaire, he got there the old fashioned way - by working.  But even if Gary runs in this election, I will have to vote Democrat in the hope that somebody like “Dollars” Trump or, worse yet, “Theonomy” Cruz, doesn’t win.

Not that I have anything against the Democratic candidates.  I agree with most everything that Bernie says, but talk is cheap, and apparently he hasn’t been able to get much legislation passed during his time in Congress.  Also, I’m concerned that he couldn’t beat the GOP because the American people won’t elect an openly Socialist president.  Hillary is a bit conservative, militaristic, and a little too chummy with the pharmaceutical industry and Wall Street for my taste, but having said that, I think she’d be a great President.  She is smart and strong, seems like she could be charming and diplomatic, or be devious and a Total Bitch if necessary to put fear into the hearts of our enemies.  She would eat ISIS for breakfast.

But getting back to my argument with people so deluded that they will vote for the party that sees them as nothing more than breeding stock for soldiers and low-wage workers to be exploited by the 1%, I told the guy, “If you really don’t think America is great, then feel free to move somewhere else.  I know a whole bunch of people overseas who would do anything to take your place!”  Which is true.  I have numerous friends on Facebook who want to move here regardless of who is President.  They could give a flying fuck if Homer Simpson was President.  So, those of you who support Mr. Trump, just answer this one question:  If we are not “great,” then why the hell does he think we need to build a damn wall around our country to keep immigrants out?!  Despite all our problems - yes, we have a long way to go and America is not “perfect” - we are still the place where people believe they can realize their dreams.  That’s why they will risk everything to move here legally, illegally, or whatever it takes!  Let’s face it, you don’t see a whole lot of people trying to flee this country, although we will certainly consider it if, God forbid, Ted Cruz were to win this election.

Whether you like the President or not, our country is way more than the President.  We the people are America!  Every single one of us has to do our part.  So grow the fuck up and stop complaining.  You’re a spoiled, rebellious teenager who doesn’t like the house rules.  Try moving out on your own and see how you like it.  You bitched and moaned because you didn’t think your little sister deserved the same allowance that you got, but that allowance was nice, wasn’t it?  All you want to do is bad-mouth mommy and daddy because you don’t feel you should have to follow the rules and contribute to the household, so go ahead and move out.  Who’s going to feed you now, punk?  I hope you enjoy eating from trashcans.  

You fucking hate President Obama, for whatever reasons.  I get it.  But he’s still the President.  And you know what?  A lot of us weren’t real thrilled with President Bush Jr., either, especially my military friends at the American Legion (of which I’m a member of the Ladies’ Auxiliary) who watched their sons and daughters being sent off for repeated tours of duty over in Iraq to get their limbs blown off and/or their minds blown by PTSD when we shouldn’t have been there in the first place.  We didn’t necessarily agree with all of his policies, but we nonetheless gave Mr. Bush due respect as our Commander in Chief, and the goddamn President of the United States.  We knew that he was a human being who, having been elected to office by the people, was doing the best he could under difficult circumstances.  We didn’t blame him for the crabgrass in our yards or every other fucking thing that happened over which he realistically had little or no control.  And we wouldn’t have dreamed of publicly offering him for sale as a slave, “low price because he is lazy,” or recommending that he be hanged.  Even those who thought Bush was a war criminal only wanted him brought to trial, not outright lynched.  That’s just way over the top.

I’ve held my tongue for 7+ years listening to this bullshit and I’m done being civil.  And if you don’t like it, y’all can bite me.  If, God forbid, your party wins the election, you will get exactly what you deserve.  You’ve made a deal with the devil, so don’t be surprised when he takes you to hell like the contract said, assuming you can actually read.  Whew.  There, I got it off my chest.

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